Try The Trigger Baby (smilexfactory) wrote in adventures_r_us,
Try The Trigger Baby

Superstore Adventure

Okay so today a couple of us including  lyss_monaghan were dropping resumes off around the city with a friend, when we ended up at Superstore. Anyways we were thirsty and had to scrounge together change for a drink. All the lines were full and we could cut across to the other side to sit down and count out the change. We around the first time, but the second? We jumped over the lane closed sign. Might not sound exciting, but oh how it was. We were going to crawl under like the lil kid who did minutes before we got the idea. I think he was a smart child, I give him credit. People stared, but we didn't care. Now we have some sparkling water drink. Wow.
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