The Nice Bitch (lyss_monaghan) wrote in adventures_r_us,
The Nice Bitch

'Scuse me while I drink some water.

Wow what a day.

First I went to Deeds' place at like around...was it 7? 8? I unno. Then she was irritated that I was being so fast for her to do everything when starting an LJ (deedsxherself omg omg omg omg omg) and then we decide that we're going to go to to my house before going to see Dodge Ball at the mall. But after going to my place, and my remembering that I have a dog, lmao, we end up at Jansen's (smilexfactory ). I suspect that he's not home considering he wasn't online and his cell wasn't on. But then I hear some Franz Ferdinand's Tell Her Tonight blaring from the garage so we end up in the house and we go in his car (aka Diana) and he shows us some nifty stuff. We end up at the kitchen table for like a good half hour before realizing that the movie's bout to start. We're outside but then Kira phones Jansen and says that they're gonna be doing some West Side drivin'. YEEE-HAW!

So this car comes up that aredy has like Kira, this Royce dude driving and Jo-el (as I now call him because he always calls me Niekamp in this freakishly suspicious way) and now there's gonna be myself, Jansen, and Deeds. Fun. So in time our hips are squished and then finally by the time we hit the bridge we adjust so that Deeds is like on both Jansen and my laps. We get onto 20th and by like Avenue S or whatever there's an ambulance that just pulled over and we ended up behind the guys and they weren't hurrying. They had gloves on and we realized that someone killed themself or something- just ended up on the floor from an apartment building. We continued driving and Kira really wanted to have Jo-el throw pennies at hookers but we never got to that. Kira did shout so to a couple while we were turning back in Idlwyld.

In time we ended up in this park or such and Kira and Jo-el got high while myself, Jansen and Deeds chased each other in the basketball court. 'Twas fun.

Then Royce, Jo-el, and Kira went into Little Ceasar's and ordered a couple of pizzas that took forever. Jansen tried to call Kira even if the two of them could see each other, but the first time he accidentally called her father. This was the second time, don't forget. First it was MY dad two Wednesdays ago at the campfire. Oy. Then we were rocking the car from side to side. 'Twas fun once again.

Then on the way to Kodi's place there were a couple of cyclists on the street and Jo-el rolled down the window and just screamed, "Why don't you get a car you faggots!" I mean I would originally completely oppose to this, but the way he said it made me have the complete giggles.

So we got to Kodi's place and I wanted to sit in one of the kitchen chairs but it was wet for some ungodly reason and my whole ass got soaked. Just great. I could see that Deeds was getting irritated in time and asked Adam online if he could pick her up. But we finally left and she was 5 minutes late from her curfew. Me thinks she'll be okay wit hthat whole thing.

And now I'm here, having regretted having those two slicese of pepperoni pizza because the stomach is NOT happy. But I have a Nalgene bottle full of water and so far it's been settling a bit.

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