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Mooker's American Adventure

On sunday, July 11, My dad, his wife, Anna, my two brothers, Rhys and Matteo(only related to me through my dad), and I started our trip to California. We got off late, so we had to take a ferry at 10:30 instead of 6. We drove to past Portland, oregon, which had the best radio station i've ever heard, (it was the Manage-a-trois weekend), on which they played a song about date rape, and in the end, the guy went to jail and got raped up the ass every night. too funny. so we keep driving past Portland and it's getting late, so we find a Casino/hotel, and Anna's like let's stay there. so she goes and turns out they don't have any rooms, so we go stay at the Best Western (which Anna pronounces westren [was pissing me off]). The next morning, we get up and check out. a very hot guy was also checking out. so hot. then, we had another full day of driving.
we drive all day, and finally get to L.A. It was awesome, because downtown was all lit up like on Angel. so we find another hotel, it was close to Disneyland. we went to "Downtown Disney" and went and had supper.
then last tuesday, My brothers, Anna, dad and I, went to DisneyLand. But my brother was like, I wanna go to Newport Beach, because that's where the OC is filmed. so i'm like ok. So we go ask a bus driver how to get there. He tells us get on a bus going to Triangle Square, then get off and get on another bus, which would take us to Newport. so we got a map, and rhys is like, let's just get off this bus and walk to Newport. Of course, it's in 100*F heat that we're walking, not realizing that it's MILES from where we got off the first bus. so we're looking at this map, walking for miles, i get all hot and pissed off, and force my brother to find the second bus we were supposed to get on to get to newport, but going the other direction to take us back to Disneyland. I was getting really pissed off because Rhys didn't know where he was going even though he said he did. so then we get off of the one bus to find the transfer to the next bus, but he got off of that bus way too early, so we had to walk back to where we could get onto another bus to get to Disneyland. In the end, we found our way back to Disneyland, though we didn't get to Newport it was quite the adventure anyways.

the next day, we went to California Adventure, the new disneyland park, and we went to an place where they show how they do the animation for movies and stuff. So we went to this one room, and there's a thing which tells u which disney character you're most like. My little brother and dad did theirs, and i was about to sit down to do it, and then Anna's like "NO, it's my turn" i was thinking, are u a fucking child? honestly, that pissed me off. then i was just about to finish one and anna's like "Let's go." that pissed me off too. grr. anyways, then we went on the rollercoaster there. it was so much fun! Both Anna and Rhys felt sick after and i wanted to go on the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride, in which u go up 13 stories in an elevator and then it drops, but no one would go on it with my, and there was a 45 min. wait on that, so i decided i wouldn't go on it. Then we had to wait for 45 mins to get on another ride we wanted to go on, and since we had fastpasses, we didn't have to wait in line, so we went back tot he animation place, and hung out there for a while. then after we went on that ride, it was time to go meet my dad and them. Matteo had to pick up his $100+ worth of lego at the lego store. He's so fucking spoiled it's not even funny... but then it was time to go back to the hotel, get in the truck and drive home. However when we got to the hotel, my little brother ran to the wrong truck, so the owner of the truck yelled at him to get away from his truck and that embarassed and scared the hell outta my little bro, so he went and sat on the floor of the truck until the guy went back into his hotel room. It's funny because the other truck was black, and my dad's is green!

so then we were driving, Anna couldn't work the map, so she asked me to help, which didn't work very well... then we went through Beverly Hills and drove past bel-air, and down rodeo drive, i wanna go shopping there so bad! then we were on our way.

We were driving back, we were almost there, when Anna says, "Let's go to Edmonton instead of Victoria, it'd be cheaper" that means 2 more days of driving and taking the bus home instead of a plane. Fuck. so we get to the canadian border, and I think it confused the customs person, because my dad's from Victoria, Anna and Matteo are from Edmonton, and Rhys and I are from Saskatchewan. Anyways, then we got to Kelowna, found a hotel and went to sleep. The next day, we went to the beach and walked around, then Anna decided to go pick some cherries. so we drive down and find somewhere to pick ur own cherries. So i'm on a ladder picking them in 100*F(45*C) heat. and then Anna says that the ones that i picked weren't good, they had to ahve the stems still on them to be good. so i gave up picking and just sat down and walked around stepping on the cherries that anna dumped on the ground becasue they weren't "good". so we all got sunburnt, for 2 boxes of fucking cherries! then we were driving to Calgary, and Anna finds fruit stands, we stop there, but she doesn't buy anything. She did this like 4 times. then we found a farm, and she bought 6 dozen eggs or something like that, for $10. It turns out her shirt was half undone, the guys told her to come back anytime.... tee hee hee disgusting... so then we were trying to make a bus in Calgary at 11:00, but we didn't take into consideration the time difference. so we had an hour less than we realized. so my dad's gunning the truck trying to make it, when, we run outta gas. We had to wait 1.5 hours or something for the guy to get there, all the while i had to pee very badly, then finally the truck came and we went to a gas station, so i didn't have to pee in the bushes (hooray). Anyways, so it's 1 o'clock in the morning, trying to find somewhere to stay in Calgary, but we didn't find anywhere nice, because the Calgary Stampede is on. so we find this sleezy disgusting motel, cigarette burns on everything, tweezers on the floor, no A/C, one channel on the tv (for some reason they gave us a remote...) and my little brother and I were forced to stay there while my brother, anna and Dad went to a casino. fuck. we stayed tehre until they got back and then we had to leave it was so disgusting. we went to Tim Horton's and these guys come in after us, all quite drunk, and gave my 8 year old brother a corona bottle holder necklace thing, so anna gives it to rhys and says, he just turned 18, and they're like awesome, and gave him a corona bottle opener. we ate and then left to drive to edmonton.
so at 6 in the morning, we got to edmonton. We went to eat at tim horton's and then went to the bus station. We got on a bus at 8, got home at 3.
That's the end of my adventure....
here's waht i learned: Little brothers are pains in the ass
don't go to d-land in the summer
3 weeks is way too long to be away from friends
casino food is tasty. (we stayed at a couple of casino/hotels cuz anna has a gambling problem)
Anna is dumb (she asked me if i was into guys yet, hello, i'm 16 years old! who isn't?)(she also asked my dad if little kids sweat, of course they do!)
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