Try The Trigger Baby (smilexfactory) wrote in adventures_r_us,
Try The Trigger Baby

New Years

This happened a while ago, but it's still an adventure. I agreed to help my friend babysit on New Years. She only had to be there until likt 12:30 before we could leave and et into some trouble. So I show up there, and there's like nothing to do. We go down to the basement and these people locked their poor cat down here. Seriously, it was so freaky. It had red eyes from being down in the dark all the time. Those bastards, anyway I kicked an oversized ball at the kitty. Ran upstairs, still nothing to do. We ended up wanting to watch a video, but these people only had a DVD player in their living room. My friend tells me not to worry, and that we will just go upstairs in the people who live their's bedroom to watch the VHS. Well this is really sketchy. But sure, why not? Here we are sitting in some strange people's bedroom watching 10 things I hate about you. I got so bored, and was weirded out... so what did I? Started searching through the people's stuff. First of all behind their wedding picture is a HUGE not little but HUGE tube of CK Jelly (Lubrication for the un-informed). Which isn't bad I guess.. their married and have sex... considering they do have one Kid. Anyways, go into their drawers and find... a sex tape! Here we are in this bedroom now, searching everywhere for the right kind of thing to play this stupid tape. To no avail. We give up and go downstairs to watch TV. That's when we here the kid upstairs starting to come down the stairs. He's crying, and he misses his mom. How typical. My friend is trying to comfort him, and the kid sits on her lap. All of a sudden he's like 'I peed'. The words of doom. And he's sitting on my friends lap. I look at her, she looks at me. I am trying SO hard not to laugh. She's like oh dear and takes the kid off her kap. I am having a jolly-good time by now. Anyways that's the main part of that night, cept the lady gave us like no money for babysitting on NEW YEARS.
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