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yay! new member! Thanks mooker!

I'm trying to further the community on my flist, and well, so far, obviously, to no avail.

So a big group of us 2003-04 Gr. 11 and 12 band and choir students went to Montreal from May 25th to the 31st. It was REALLY fun. I'm still trying to make a website for everyone's pics but so far it isn't really working lol.

On the 25th being a tuesday, we all flew there. No, not on one single plane. My group was the second one, obviously being the second group to leave Saskatoon. It was all the 11th graders and the certain 10th graders who are in our band. La la la. Flying. Eh.

Next day. We practiced at this all girls Catholic school which the guys didn't really mind about lol. Then we went to Old Montreal. It was really nice there. First I was with Megan Dyck, Donna, David Dyck, Karen Slowsky, and Vera Wang, then I separated with Brittany Ford and Travis Bender, then with Dielle and Michelle and Graham, Chris, Tasho, Taine, and Devin. Fun day. That night we went to the campus of where all our senior band and choir and my band were going to compete, because that night we watched the opening concert of a jazz band. The lead trumpet player was hot lol. It was shitty at a point though because the gym, where the concert was held, was so HUUUUUUGE that all the kids in the back would NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! I couldn't hear the conductor on the mic.

The next day, being the 27th, the senior band first performed and did their signature song (Perilous Voyage) the best that I've ever heard them do it. Just AWEsome. Then we went to the amusement park La Rhonde. It's on the manufactured island located on the river. A lot of fun rides, but a shit load of bugs. Never in my life had I seen so many bugs of what they had. I didn't know what those things were! But one thing I do know is that it wasn't fun getting them in your mouth. The Vampire was the best ride. Very, very fun. It's a foot-dangling one. Yeah!!!! I shoulda gone on the slingshot. Meh.

The next, what DID we do? Oh yeah! Shopping at the Eaton Centre downtown Montreal. Vewwy fun....kinda. I was with Dyck, so I unno. Wish I'd gotten some clothes there. Whatever. That night the choir went to a choral performance that was all accapella. Brennan Richardson kept playing with the hood on my jacket since he was behind me. Eh, didn't matter. It was funny. That night we went to bed.

The next day we did a shit load of stuff. I guess cause it was the last full day in the city. We went to the biodome. Animals. Then the insect place. Bugs. Ew. Later we passed by the Trudeaux's Montreal house but we didn't know cause no one notified us of it.

Then we went to Ste Joseph du Mont-Royal. HUUUUUUUGE church, and it's absolutely beautiful. Just how thorough it is. The tile decorations were beautiful. The pews, being hundreds of them, were simple metal ones because they didn't have enough money to get good pews. If that's the only complaint of the whole place, I wouldn't care. It'd be awesome to have mass in there. That night we, the Gr. 11s, played. We were tired but did AWEsome. w00t!

After, we went to this Mexican restaurant. Anne Jeffrey was as crazy as ever, and Mr Bauche, whose birthday it was that day, danced with this bride or whatever. Very funny to watch.

That night, Bre (bre_horses), Mooker (mooker16), Amy, Mal, Sara Sestak, Donna and I laughed our asses off at inside jokes and did an all nighter because we had a 3am call to the flight. Verrrrrrrry giddy. By the time we got on the first plane, we all zonked out within 5 minutes of being in the air. The same thing with flying to Saskatoon.

And that's my trip.

Shit, that was long. lol My fingers are numb. Thank God for music to keep you going.

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